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Testimonials > G.S. - “…thank you Michael and your wonderful team.”

G.S. - “…thank you Michael and your wonderful team.”

“Good Day Michael,

I would like to respond, firstly by saying well done to De Broglio Attorneys for getting me a sizeable settlement in this matter. To be honest when I approached you guys I was not expecting much but your no win no fee policy made me just try anyway. The level of service I received from the very beginning was quite high and professional and remained that way up to the day of the settlement. I was a bit despondent when the case was not finalized in April 2015 but I was reassured by Patrick and indeed when the matter was finalized I had the sense of relieve and felt that the wait was not in vain. Thank you very much.

Regarding Patrick I found his conduct quite reassuring and professional. Although I did not interact with him that often, he made sure that I got regular updates on the progress of the case. I really enjoyed dealing with him.

once again I say thank you Michael and your wonderful team.”


20 February 2016