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Testimonials > G.V.Z. - "They fight for your right and are always one step ahead of the RAF"

G.V.Z. - "They fight for your right and are always one step ahead of the RAF"

“Good Day, 

In 2014 my wife and I were in a serious bike accident. A car turned right in front of me as he decided he needs to turn right all of a sudden at a traffic light across 3 lanes causing a near miss with the car in the lane next to him and as he crossed my lane there was just no time to stop in time causing my bike to T-bone his SUV on the front passenger door. My wife flew right over the car on impact and she manage to escape with no injury at all “Thank God for that”. I on the other hand flew head first straight in to the top of the door frame causing me to black out and lose consciousness. Luckily for me my wife was okay and could manage all procedures from there on. There is no doubt in my mind that I should have died on this day but again with the Grace of “God” I escaped with a few injuries.

None of the injuries were very serious and I only spent three days in ICU. I could carry on with life quite normally after that but never realized what great discomfort these injuries would cause me in the long run.

I contacted De Broglio to first just find out if I have a case or not and the person that handled my call was so helpful  and explained to me why I should not just let this go and that I might feel okay now but in the long run I will start to feel more pain and might even see short term memory loss. 

De Broglio took on my case. They explained everything in detail about my case and they were upfront from the beginning by telling me this case will not be a quick one and can last anything from 2 to 5 years and they were right because in January 2019 they settled my case that took just over 4 years.

I won't lie but once they take your case, trust me when I say they keep you updated every month/week about your case – it's truly amazing. I have no words to describe their service honestly. I've not had one problem till this day with anything they do, they always keep you in the loop of your appointments and send you documents as well from the visits you made. “Yes at some stage you just want to quit as there are so many people that you need to go see as you have to see a specialist in every field and two of them, one from De Broglio’s side and then one from the RAF side, you get sick of answering the same questions over and over and all the RAF tries to do is to state that your injuries are not that bad but you are deprived of sleep due to pain you can’t do your normal day to day duties any more your work starts to lag under it all but RAF says you are okay.

De Broglio's service & hard work is something one cannot always see nor put into words. They fight for your right and are always one step ahead of the RAF. My case took 4 years which I thought would be impossible in South Africa. My case has finally been settled and I was so shocked with the RAF amount that they settled at the end as we expected them to offer way less, but at the end our proof of my injuries overruled theirs and the RAF settled out of court that same morning with a very substantial amount that we could not resist.  


I'd like to say THANKS to 2 people in specific. 1st to Nicolle….. No matter when I had a question she was always there to assist me and with a big smile, she even memorized my no “..LOL..” I think both work and cell so when I called she would answer by saying “ Good Morning Mr “My surname”. In later stages I made her use my name and not saying Mr. any more….LOL as we just had that bond that was more like a family bond. I never felt like a client and that made everything so much different and better. I even had her personal cell no and sometimes bother her with personal stuff that she gave me advice on, but she always acted professionally. 

2nd I would like to thank Melissa, wow also what a stunning person just like Nicolle. She always phoned me if something happened that changed things. I will never forget her laughter over the phone if she calls me and I answer knowing that it is her calling me, “Thanks for calling the most Handsome Guy in Pretoria” I would have to wait for like 2min that she can just stop laughing, I could never get her not to call me MR. though….LOL.

The two of you are super amazing and the rest of the team, thanks for your “OUTSTANDING SERVICE AND HARD WORK!” I will never be able to say how much this meant to me. I will never stop calling Nicolle and Melissa they really are two amazing people and I just formed a bond with them like I could not imagine.”   


11 February 2019