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I.B. - "never failed to keep us up to date"

"Good Day,

I would like to express my deep appreciation to De Broglio Attorneys especially Tamaryn Melville and Cornelie Van Schoor for all their effort, hard work and professionalism in handling my mother’s case even after she sadly passed away.

Although the Road Accident Fund systems and procedures have changed quite a lot over the past few years, De Broglio Attorneys always kept us up to date with these so we had no concerns.

Considering the long period of time involved we still received a very good pay-out although the final payment is still to come.

A big Thank You to de Broglio Attorneys who never failed to keep us up to date with relevant matters and constant reminders about matters that needed to take place during this long process.

I am very satisfied and glad that I contacted David from De Broglio Attorneys to handle this case.



6 August 2019