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Testimonials > I.G. - "It's been a blessing having such a great team fending for me"

I.G. - "It's been a blessing having such a great team fending for me"

Dear Dr Broglio team, 

I want to wright a whole book to convey my gratitude but I'll try keep it short. 

4 Years and 5months and my case is done... I hear and I've read of stories where people wait 10/11 years. 

It's been a tough 2 years after my father passed away and my family scattering all over the world, being alone is sometimes unbearable, but thanks to all of you things are looking up. 

It's been a blessing having such a great team fending for me. 

Nicole, whenever I phoned I could always hear the smile in your voice, which really helped when one felt a bit lost and unsure about stuff. Organising drivers, last minute airplane rickets, you never missed a beat. 

Mr. Sedutla, you are the most calm, polite person and a real gentleman. Giving me a lift the day I met you at the Chambers, you could have just waved and drove past but you gave me a ride. Thank you so much for all your help in my case, I really appreciate it. 

Mr. vd Barselaar, the day I met you and you said if I was your little sister..... I knew I could trust your judgement. 

You are a brilliant Advocate. 

When you told me what the settlement amount was I was in Awww, I really thought we would settle for about R400 000 to cover my operation. You changed my life and I am sure you do the same for other people every day, but I really want stay THANK YOU and I'm proud to have had you all to help me. 

Candidate Michelle, thank you for being there in court that day and keeping me up to date, you basically held my hand and helped with my nerves. I thank you :) 

Mr. Michael de Broglio thank you for absolute professionalism throughout the whole process. You have a great team who treat people with respect, these days that's really a rare quality. 

I wish you all the best in life. 

Love, happiness and to always be safe. 

Kindest warm regards, 


You Guys Rock :)”


4 June 2018