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I.M. - "the guys who got the job done"

"Hi Michael

When my son had his very traumatic accident in 2013, where people actually died that were in the car with him, I decided to start a civil case against the Road Accident Fund. I approached numerous lawyers for advice on how to proceed, but was met with very negative feedback, basically saying I had no chance. 

I saw one of your adverts on TV and decided to "test" De Broglio because I thought that you were just boasting and then I could say it was all nonsense.

I then approached your company and guess what? There was no nonsense! I met with very competent people and was quickly on a first name basis with your people in charge. I also met up with Nikita (lawyer) and this lady is a machine. She only appeared on the scene once my claim got momentum , but let me assure you she made everything happen. She is a no nonsense person and gets things done. Yes, it took a long time for the claim to be finalised, but the reward was worth it. I am not going to mention the exact amount here that my son was awarded, but it was in the millions, a hundred times more than we expected.

I am forever grateful to De Broglio and will never forget what you have done for my son. He now has a new, brighter future and I can rest now. I wanted justice for my son and I got it. 

You are welcome to share my contact details with people who are hesitant about using De Broglio. I will gladly share my experiences with them and single out your company as the guys who got the job done.

Once again thank you and God bless.

Lastly, I must also mention Tersia and Zindy. They never got tired of my constant nagging. Thank you ladies. 

Nikita you have been awesome. Please thank your whole team on my behalf.



1 September 2019