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Testimonials > J.D.C - 'An excellent ruling and outcome'

J.D.C - 'An excellent ruling and outcome'

"A word of thanks to you and your team. An excellent ruling and outcome, which is credited to your professionalism and dedication. Personally I’m relieved that we have a ruling from the courts. Whilst I appreciate and understand that there is still a lot of work that needs to take place behind the scenes, I’m confident all will run smoothly, then we can finally say the matter is closed.

Ana, personally thank you very much for everything you have done and the effort you’ve put in. Please convey my appreciation to everyone that assisted and was involved in the matter. Also pass on my gratitude to Basil Joseph.

We were only too happy to get out of the court, after a long day, given all the delays, that there was no real time for a chit chat."

31 May 2013