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J.E. - "the sensitive and caring attorneys"

"Dearest Michael

I am proud to have been a De Broglio client. I have no words to express what I am currently feeling as it has just been a few weeks since my case was finalized. I do want to thank Eben Serfontein, Nikita, Tersia and the rest of the team who made me feel a part of the family. The drivers were amazing, transportation was on point, most importantly the handling of my case was exceptional. Thank you for all your hard work, understanding and patience. As you are aware these past few years have not been too good , however knowing that De Broglio was handling my case made life a bit easier for me.

…I am happy this ordeal is over, it has been traumatizing for me to repeat the experiences of the accident, as it changed my life entirely. I am glad to have sensitive and caring attorneys by my side making sure they do their best. Sometimes our fate is in someone else’s hands, I’m glad mine was with De Broglio.

I trust this email finds you well and I thank you once more for all your effort, time and hard work

Warm Regards"


17 September 2018