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J.H - "You guys are absolutely the best!"

“Good morning                            

My sister was involved in a car accident in September 2011 and thereafter confined into a wheelchair. During her hospital stay which lasted 9 months I had the momentous task of finding the best legal team to represent her against RAF. I had heard terrible stories about the RAF and certain attorneys supposed to be representing their clients and ending up short changing them. I didn’t want that to happen to her hence I had to find the best legal firm with a good reputation to represent her. That’s when I came across de Broglio attorneys on my internet search and fell in love with what I found on their website.

If better was possible good is just not enough to describe your excellent service, the degree of professionalism shown, I don’t think it is equalled to any of the law firms out there. I like the fact that we were kept updated every step of the way from the word go; we were informed via email of the specialists’ appointments and follow ups through phone calls etc.

I am happy with the settlement amount considering all the facts, though it will not bring back her ability to walk again but it is indeed a consolation to know that she was compensated with what the experts thought is fair to her and that will go a long way to ease the pain and make her life a bit comfortable. It didn't end there even after the matter was settled in court you still informed us and explained everything relating to what would happen next and when to expect payment. 

You guys are absolutely the best!

Kind regards


17 November 2014