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Testimonials > J.K. - "I am still in awe over the settlement"

J.K. - "I am still in awe over the settlement"

"Good Day,

Allow me to congratulate you and your simply impeccable team on our victory! I am still in awe over the settlement, it's something I never expected and will forever appreciate your efforts in that regard.

Thank you for the hard work, countless emails which kept me constantly updated about any developments, the calls and SMS's which reminded me to attend my medical expert appointments, there was never a time I didn't know what was happening with my case.

I never lost hope when RAF claimed that my injuries were not serious. I believed in de Broglio Attorneys’ ability to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that I am seriously injured. To this day I still can't believe how the RAF can come to such conclusions that my injuries were not serious.

I have learned through this journey that when a client and attorney work in unison together, greater things are achieved, e.g. attending to appointments, providing necessary/required documentation as soon as possible, it makes the chain of your team seamless and renders them just efficient as they are (I salute & sing praises to them).

My experience with de Broglio Attorneys has truly humbled me, there is no other like De Broglio Attorneys, the work you do has a positive impact on the lives of the many South Africans who get injured/lose their loved ones on our roads.

May the Lord grant you and your team the strength to continue to do the exceptional work you do.




28 August 2019