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J.K. - "fantastic attorneys"

"Good day Michael,

I hope this email finds you well.

I was involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident in January 2015 which resulted in multiple injuries, including a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). In February I was discharged from hospital and recovering well my injuries and that was when I consulted with a lovely lady, named Brenda, who explained how De Broglio could help me get back on my feet after the accident, effortlessly.

Within a couple of weeks I already had a full schedule of doctors appointments emailed and posted to me and within the first 6 months I had seen my first Medico Doctor. I winked twice and it was the day of my first trial.

My first trials’ settlement satisfied me greatly. I was ‘on my feet again’. But after a couple of months I was then contacted by one of your fantastic attorneys concerning a second trial. After a couple of months, and couple of doctors appointments, I was walking out of the Pretoria High Court a very happy and satisfied man. My advocate Ian Zidel SC, my attorney Nikita Nagel and everyone at De Broglio had won a tough case with a tough opponent and I received a settlement I couldn’t ever dream of.

Therefore I would just like to thank yourself and everyone at De Broglio for all the hard work and dedication behind the scenes as well as in court; all the very late nights and the early mornings and mostly for making this the easiest and most stress free trial for me. I am really so grateful for everything you all have done for me!"


29 November 2018