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J.R. - "great work ethic and communication skills"

"Dear Michael,

I was involved in a head on collision 4 years ago and as a result I underwent a neck fusion.

I cannot recall if I met with your David John before or after the operation but I can confirm that my claim was finally settled in 2019.

You surely must be accustomed to the work ethic of your team. I also had the privilege to be exposed to your team’s work ethic during the four years it took my claim to be settled. 

Going to all the specialists and going through the whole process was not easy, but I can say that the whole process was made a lot easier by your team.

Michael, I never once, not even once had to pick up the phone or had to send an e-mail to establish the progress of my case. I was constantly kept in the loop, from SMS reminders to telephone calls to e-mails informing me of specialist appointments and case status.

Your team has managed to make this process an unforgettable experience through your professionalism, great work ethic and communication skills which is equal to that of a first world country.

When I started this journey I was uncertain as to what would happen but I can say that the journey with your team was a pleasant one and a journey that I will gladly suggest to anyone to take with de Broglio Attorneys.

It is hard to single anyone out, but I can mention Dune Delport, Michelle Smillie, Daniella Jurgens, Advocate Nico and the person/s who handled the - NoReply - DE BROGLIO ATTORNEYS e-mails. Please give my appreciation to them.

I will forever be thankful to you and the team who assisted me through this whole experience, I can say I will always be an Ambassador for de Broglio Attorneys.

I thank you and your team for this great experience during a difficult period.



22 August 2019