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J.R. - "that absolute ‘Peace of Mind’ feeling"

“Good day Michael,

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of my Son in Law… and my Grandson…  for the outstanding effort, hard work, dedication and enthusiasm that Anna, Jessica and the rest of your inspirational team who have put so much effort in so far in attending to the above cases…

I would like to take this opportunity to outline my story to you by giving an overview of what has transpired so far since your company were appointed to act for us back in January 2016.

After having made enquiries with various firms of attorneys to establish if they would be prepared to take on our cases, I was given different versions and views on how they would handle the cases for us and what they thought our chances of success would be and how long they thought it would take for the matter to be settled, which in some case was many years.Because of their apparent lack of professional knowledge and experience in this particular type of legal matter, I decided to approach your company (after seeing your advert on T.V.) and first met with Jessica Moller. I presented her with all the initial details, information and requirements, and without ANY hesitation she immediately informed me that merits of BOTH our cases were very strong, and without hesitation agreed to recommend to Anna, that your company handles both cases for us.The Necessary consent letters of approval were duly signed, completed and then returned back to Jessica.From then on, and on a regular basis, Jessica as well as other members of your team have communicated directly with me and “my son in law” regarding the process and progress of each case.As the Trial Date approached, Anna Kordas then became very active in the case and dealt with the appointment of an Advocate to represent us on the trial date held yesterday.This was the first time that I had met Anna (although I had communicated with her a few times telephonic ally). The professional manner and way in which Anna handle the case yesterday was outstanding. She explained the various options available to us and outlined the processes of each option, Clearly Anna was looking after our best interest at heart and one got the feeling that she was handling the case with a sincere passion as though she was fighting the case as if it was, for one of her own family!! …The drivers that you provide to pick up and drop off your clients are very polite, courteous and punctual (except if there are unforeseen traffic hold ups). They also deserve our full recognition.  

Finally, in my profession over the last 35 years, I have dealt with many Attorney's, Advocates / Senior Council and attended many Court cases, mostly to do with litigation matters, but I have never dealt with attorneys such as Anna and Jessica who are so passionate, understanding sincere and frank about their feelings and duties, which gives one that absolute ‘Peace of Mind’ feeling to know that you are dealing with passionate Professionals who really care about you and treat your matter from ‘the bottom of their hearts’ and not just for monetary gain or pride redemption like many other attorneys do.

May your company and staff grow your business to be the best at what you specialise in within South Africa

As I do not have Anna's e-mail address, please would you be so kind as to send her a copy of this e-mail.

Many thanks..

Kindest regards"


2 September 2017