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Testimonials > J.V. - "Your team have exceeded our expectations"

J.V. - "Your team have exceeded our expectations"

“Good day Michael and Team,

Words can never express our gratitude towards your dedicated and professional team handling our daughter’s case against the RAF.

To us as parents it was never about the money, but being able to get the best professional medical care for our daughter. 

Your team have exceeded our expectations and we can testify that your medical team of experts gave her the best treatment and examinations that money could buy. 

We were at all times handled very professionally and friendly by your staff and were kept up to date on the status of the case. 

Court is never a pleasant experience but your team assisted us through the whole process ….. and as a bonus they even assisted her to get close to Oscar Pistorius on her first High Court visit! 

Please convey our gratitude to the Advocates, Lawyers and admin personnel involved in her case – it is highly appreciated and we are extremely grateful parents. 

Kind regards"


18 September 2017