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K.F. - "you always keep to your promises"

"Hi Michael

Thank you for such encouraging email. And definitely I will do so because so far even though my case is still in progress I can’t keep my mouth shut telling people of what a great people you are and you always keep to your promises by informing us every week of the progress about my case. 

Already I can see the victory even before everything is done because you guys indeed are helping a lot of us. And your work I saw it through one guy who was hit by a car at Orange Grove and today he’s happy because of your good work. And I won’t miss any appointments you send me to because you are doing a great job to assist a lot of people who believe in your service . 

And wish the Lord may continue to use you all to do the good work He has chosen you guys for.

Bless you all."


6 December 2018