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"I was explained to in detail what was to transpire (lodging a claim) and offered to come to the office on Jan Smuts Avenue.

Upon my arrival, i felt compassion and saw professionalism.  I was taken through the process of claiming from the RAF.
I agreed to enter into a contract and to mandate De Broglio attorneys to represent me. 

I have heard of horror stories before of how lawyers deceive their very own clients, but that was never the case with mine.

I had the confidence, after research and many testimonials, to place my trust in De Broglio.
Many medical appointments and a trial postponement later, there was light at the end of the road. 
The year is 2014, August, RAF settle.  
I knew the day would come, but never expected the outcome achieved through the hard work of De Broglio law firm and of course me, not missing on a single appointment (medical). 
It has been an informative process all the way from day one, I don't even remember complaining or doubting the professionals, De Broglio. Through constant updates, emails, letters, phone calls and most recently, the wonderful client zone.
I stand pleased and satisfied at the excellent service throughout, from being collected at home to attend to my appointments, to meeting with the advocate to explain anything I did not understand, at anytime throughout .
I am pleasantly excited and pleased at the end result produced by the De Broglio law firm.

It is unfortunate I can't mention any names, but thank you, "MY TEAM"
That is how I felt treated, all the time. I was a teammate.

Once again, thank you for the committed efforts of all involved in my case, your expertise and professionalism prevailed.

Ultimately, thank you to the Almighty.

As mentioned on point 7 of the last email sent to me, I realise that you required a short email, I apologise for not adhering to the requirements, lol.

Thank you Mr De Broglio, God bless and keep up the excellent service. "


29 August 2014