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L.N. - "handled my case with expert advice"

"I hereby wish to thank de Broglio Attorneys Inc. for the Excellent way in which they handled my Road Accident Fund case.

The whole team who worked on my case were efficient and motivated, making the appointments to see the correct doctors, notifying me well in advance and sending reminders the previous day by telephone and SMS.

Nikita Nagel / v d Linde is an experienced lawyer, who handled my case with expert advice, was always ready for meeting with me, giving me good advice and at the High Court, she made the whole trial easy for me, stood by me through the whole process, constantly in consultation with Advocate Gerhard Strydom and informing me throughout about what was being done and what to expect.

I will gladly recommend de Broglio Attorneys Inc. to anyone who has a Road Accident Claim.

Best Regards"


24 October 2019