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Testimonials > L.V.W. - "very professional when dealing with their clients"

L.V.W. - "very professional when dealing with their clients"

“To Whom it may Concern

I would like to take this moment to thank De Broglio for the excellent service received from them. They are exceptionally, very professional when dealing with their clients, from the staff that make appointments for you to the drivers that take you and from your appointments. They were also very professional. The drivers were always on time, never had I had to wait for them to pick me up. 

I was always advised in advance about my appointments that I have to attend. I was also kept up to date every second week regarding the status of my case. I never had to call on to their office to complain about the drivers.

I would really like to thank Angelique Jurgens for the exceptional professional work that she has done during the time working with her. She always kept me up to date with the progress of my case.  

I am eternally grateful for De Broglio for delivering what they promise.

I would recommend this firm anytime to anyone who is in need of assistance.

So keep up the great work Michael and team.



14 October 2020