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Testimonials > M.D.B. - "They kept me informed throughout"

M.D.B. - "They kept me informed throughout"

"Good day Michael,

I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in August 2015 where I was hit from behind by another speeding vehicle as my vehicle was in a stationary position.  It was so terrifying as I suffered from severe whiplash and I also had a serious concussion.  At first I did not realise the seriousness of my injury and after numerous physiotherapy appointments and a visit to a Neurosurgeon, I’ve realised that my neck was seriously injured.  The thought of claiming from the RAF never crossed my mind, till one evening in December 2016 (after I received the bad news that I require neck surgery) I saw the De Broglio Attorneys add on TV. The next day I contacted the number I took down and was helped by David John.

David send me a lot of documents, but after reviewing all the documents, I did not understand the process and after reading all those costs, etc. I was sceptical to complete and sign the documents and to return it.  After about a month, David phoned me back and told me that I need not worry and that he can assure me that I do have a claim and that I should not worry about the costs in the documents I received.  It is just to indicate what costs could be involved.

De Broglio took my case in January 2016 and told me beforehand that I was looking at a minimum of 20 – 36 months before settlement. They kept me informed throughout and I also cooperated by providing all relevant documents as soon as they asked for it.  As I’m living in Bloemfontein, they even made arrangements that most of my medico-legal appointments was scheduled in the same week so that I could save on travelling and accommodation.  In the end I only travelled to Gauteng 4 times, which including the day in court.

My case was heard in court and I received part of my settlement just 3 months after the court date even though I was told I might wait 6 – 8 months.  The second portion of my payment will happen soon now as only the taxation process needs to be finalised.  

My future loss of income pre-trial hearing has taken place already, I’m just waiting for the new trial date, but I’m not even in the least worried, because I know I’m in good hands.

Thank you Michael and everyone else involved in my case to date.



26 March 2019