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Testimonials > M.F. - "fought with me all the way for my family my boys for me"

M.F. - "fought with me all the way for my family my boys for me"

"Good morning Micheal

Thankyou for the letter 

To  begin to do justice to your company your staff and yourself is impossible with Words, but I will try 

Prishani, Clare,Sinead, Brenda, Justin and everyone behind this settlement..I don't know what to say about feeling that they fought with me all the way for my family my boys for me .. professional..beyond the call of services ...I was in China in 2019 was terrible but Clare called me whilst I was in China was amazing , got me to my medico appointments from china to Pretoria Feb 2020 imagine and with my family ...what can one Say? ,,, I have not worked since Jan 28th 2020 when they flew me back to SA no employment till now ..not seen my 2 boys or my wife since Dec 2020...living alone in matatiele EC ...living on borrowed money ..this settlement this amount of money speechless absolutely speechless ...I can secure my families future. .your staff the ladies I have been dealing with from China ..till now in this situation that hasn't broke me yet ...they have been family members that's the truth ...i lost my immediate family over the years....so it's only me my 2 boys and my wife . I worked all my life 50 years old proud man a veteran ..this accident life changing but since March 2019... un-liveble situation I had ...but I had faith in you and your team because I knew it would take along time but I knew it would happen ..the last week with the settlement and sign off , thank you God and all the people that contributed to this...was incredible......I cry as I write this because to support my wife and my 2 boys since Jan 2020 has taken more from me, out of Me since my days as a solider in Iraq...the depth of gratitude I feel, you with never know.!   But know this IAM humbled truly that anyone would fight for me and my kids my case for 4 years solid.  

Micheal you ask me to comment am I happy ....on the settlement absolutely on your staff Prishani,Clare, Sinead,Brenda deserve more than I could ever give or say I think only God knows what to say to them ...they truly have given that much to your company to my family ..

My 2 boys attached.... my wife and I have fought for their lives since Jan 2020 ...you and your staff have just given them that back .. forever in your debt..

If I end with this ..what stood out the most this last 2 years, Clare and Prishani kind words , reassurance to me when I was crying or lost or worried about everything, I could message call anytime and boom they were there always , that is what I will carry in my soul because even my wife if 14 years couldn't offer that.



11 June 2021