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M.K. - "It's been an amazing journey"

"Good afternoon ladies, 

I've been meaning to send an email since Monday but I guess I was still trying to gasp for some air. 

All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!

My experience from meeting up with Dune and Adv. Gerhard was smooth sailing and unbelievable. The Advocate explained the entire process as to how things will pan out in my daughter's matter. My daughter and I were involved in a car accident in December 2016 in which my mother passed on and my daughter and I sustained some injuries. My daughter's injuries were worse compared to mine including the scarring on her face.

It's been an amazing journey which turned out hectically with all the doctors’ appointments and specialists.

On the trial date, one of the De Broglio drivers collected me from my house and we took our drive to the PTA High Court. On arrival at the coffee shop, I met up with Dune and Kathryn. They briefed me on what's going to happen during court and they answered all my questions. We then proceeded to Court where we met up with Adv. Gerhard. I must say, YOU GUYS ROCK AND YOU WORKED OUT YOUR MAGIC…

Dune - for a pregnant fairy like you, you're EXCEPTIONAL!!! You kept running around and updating me step by step. When you were busy with something, Kathryn played her part in informing me. The matter was then rescheduled.

The next day came. Dune, Kathryn and Adv. Gerhard were hard at work trying to finalize my matter. Their updates were AMAZING! I then entered the Court room to hear the entire matter firsthand. I must say - these 3 musketeers worked their magic. The Advocate dealt with my matter like there was no tomorrow for the defendant. 

Coming out of the courtroom left me with goose bumps. I still can't believe the EXEPTIONAL AND FIRST CLASS service you guys gave me. My daughter's future will definitely look bright full of possibilities.

WELL DONE GUYS!!!! You're the BEST."


26 February 2020