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Testimonials > M.K. - "your attorneys and staff at court did an impeccable job"

M.K. - "your attorneys and staff at court did an impeccable job"


If it was not for the few things I would like to mention about De Broglio and the manner in which you handled my matter, I would simply say "You're the best and really stand streets far ahead of the rest" and end it there. However, that would not do justice to neither you (nor your team) as well as the way I feel.

Let me state from the onset that I knew from the beginning that you guys were going to win my case and with a lot of satisfaction from my side. This is because, after my accident I went through the internet searching for hundreds of attorneys to take on my matter. Many of them I must say were looking good on paper and I would have chosen them. But one of the things that caught my attention about De Broglio was the statement I read that said, YOU DON'T TAKE A CASE IF YOU KNOW YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN IT. 

This gave me so much confidence because as a law student myself I have been taught that one of the key aspects of a good and successful lawyer is to be confident in order to build your client's confidence, and also be honest. You guys initially took my documents to assess my case and within the same week you confirmed that you're taking on the matter.

What to this day I commend about you is that from the word go, you started and put me at ease regarding the length of these matters. Having been aware of this fact, I was and still so patient cause I was not in a hurry as you have pointed out. 

It is comforting to know what is happening in one's matter, keep abreast with the developments and know what are you guys busy with, the possible delays or postponements in court. You guys passed this test with flying colours, there is no single moment I ever wondered where are we in this matter and what actually is going on as I updates almost every week for past 4 years or so. 

I am quite impressed at the fact that throughout my case I have dealt with different people in your team for either travelling logistics or consultations with my attorneys, queries I had, flexibility in my staying over in Joburg, and all other file aspects that your staff dealt with, each and every one of them from Sarah to the rest whose names I unfortunately forgot, all did their work exceptionally well…

I cannot finish this feedback by not mentioning your drivers. Your drivers Sir are something out of this world and all of them have such humour that it did not matter who drove me it was the same experience. Apart from being so professional by being on time, they also keep constant contact and respect the law of the road. They all made me laugh or we would share very interesting views, from Norman, Vincent, AB, to the old man who drove me the last time, I just forgot his name, but all of them were great. 

Sir, your attorneys and staff at court did an impeccable Job I am really indebted to them. I do not know how to describe how I feel but only to say their work was incredible and again I dealt with different people but the standard never dropped one bit it remained the same if not better. 

Last but not least, I know it is not over as yet, but I am all so thankful and have so much gratitude with your service. 

So to you and your team. 

Thank you Michael."


22 August 2018