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M.M. - "everything they do is perfect"

“I would like to say thank you to you and your team, especially Prishani, Anna, Liesel and the drivers.  From the first day they attended to my case, and to always send me emails to remind me of my appointment. These people, they are your foundation; the pillar of your company and good assets, when you pay them their salary they really deserve it, they know their job – everything they do is perfect. When we go to court people look at us how they handle me, I was like so many lawyers I was like a queen. The pain, the stress, just disappeared. It was like a big dream I couldn’t believe that is it me real, Mr Michael this ladies I can see that now I got the right people I was very sure that they will win this case. Of course, they work together they are not chances when you pay them salary it goes to the right people they deserve it. I hope to made your company to grow bigger and better you must keep them you warned regret your decision pass this message to Anna, Liesel, Prishani and all the drivers who drive me to all my appointments and to three drivers who passed away may their soul rest in peace everything happened for reason. All am asking now is please Michael there are more crooks outside in this world who made claim for injured people at the end they crook you and keep what belongs to the claimant, so please get a slot to the TV advert and radio everyday people must get your information how to find you.

And all I want to say now when I got my payment I will be the happiest person first time after 10 years when I got the accident I nearly lost hope but now I can see clearly now I will have my dignity and not a beggar. Again Michael may the God almighty bless you, and your company, and family for as long as you do the right thing, thank you very much. 

Yours Faithfully"


1 April 2018