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Testimonials > M.M. - "the way they treat clients and them being thorough and professional"

M.M. - "the way they treat clients and them being thorough and professional"

"Dear Michael,

It is with a thankful heart that I am writing you this email today.

Firstly I want to thank you for the initiative to establish De Broglio in order to help people that don’t have the knowledge and who don’t know better.

Then, looking at the service I got from your firm, I gather that you must be a great employer.  Your staff’s motivation, the way they treat clients and them being thorough and professional says it all.

The wait and frustration was all worth the while.

There are certain names that I want to compliment and I hope that I am not leaving anybody out:

1.       Tamaryn              -              Firm, but she just did her best. Really good at what she is doing.  Always helpful.

2.       Liz                           -              Always friendly and helpful each and every time I called or mailed.

3.       Cornelie               -              I could ask her anything.  She was always friendly and once again very helpful.

4.       Claire                     -              Very pregnant but full of energy and always willing to help and fast and efficient.

5.       Zindy                     -              On top of things.  Very well organized. Friendly and always willing to assist.

6.       Clement               -`             Very well-mannered and I felt very comfortable with him driving me around.

7.       Vincent                -              I can say the same of Vincent, me being a nervous wreck when I get into a car, Vincent really made me feel at ease and he proved to me that he is a very good driver. Never once did I get a panic attack when I was in the car with him.

8.       Lucretia                -              Also an absolute star.  Very fast, friendly and efficient.

9.       Eben Serfontein               - Someone that I will ask to assist me in court anytime.  He really went the extra mile.  He made me feel at ease from the beginning.

10.   Danie Rothmam               - Danie and Zunette really went out of their way to see where they can do their outmost best for me.  They were even working on my case on Sunday nights.  They came through to consult with me here in Nelspruit and they really made me feel at ease.

11.   All the service providers – I think you chose them well.  I really can’t complain. 

I really want to thank you and your staff for letting me have the opportunity to go and see physio therapists and doctors now and people that I need to see so that I can have a normal life again.  I can now start working on my health and be able to build my business up again.

All thanks to the wonderful team of De Broglio.

May you be blessed for looking out for us.

Kindest regards"


30 August 2018