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M.M. - "you won for us"

"Mr De Broglio  

This is to thank your firm from the bottom of our hearts. 

Previously on two occasions in a separate case I tried dealing with RAF on my own directly and I never got any cent and was left with a spine problem. 

You are really defenders & you won for us. Even though my son’s life has changed, we hoping there’ll be improvements in his life with specialists’ help. We thank you that he’ll continue to have medical care and extra tutoring to better his life.

We thank God for all the good work you do. May you have more strength to fight & win battles for all ordinary people. I always recommend that people come to you, others don’t trust lawyers with reasons but I always tell them that through your services we got to know about future effects of injuries & also how to help my son going forward and planning for his future. 

We really appreciate.

With warm regards"


21 November 2018