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Testimonials > M.N. - "On a Scale of 100 – I Rate De Broglio 100%"

M.N. - "On a Scale of 100 – I Rate De Broglio 100%"

"Good day Michael (De Broglio Attorneys) and Staff members

It is indeed pleasurable to be able to tell my “journey” with De Broglio Attorneys.

I have had Bitter sweet or rather mixed feelings of joy and despair throughout; dating back from 2011 when I was involved in a vehicle accident, an air of melancholy immediately surrounded me.

Through social media’s Facebook I stumbled on De Broglio Attorneys Inc – A Specialist Personal Injury law firm with over 22 years’ experience. Ooh my God..! This looks good, I felt..!

It wasn’t until they restored confidence in me, by informing me that they will “Fight for Me” - “Big Brother in defence, why not..!

A string of medico visits at times with missed appointments coupled with borrowed time at my employment filled most of the years gone by –My encounter with Patrick Sedutla filled me with hope though – The guy that rear-ended me accepted liability he emphasized that was a good indication.

The subsequent Status Update e-mails entrenched the presumption that my trial date obtained  – Ooh Lord this is miles away – How Sad!

The  HPCSA – Health Professions Council of South Africa delivered a shattering blow by stating clearly that I never suffered critical Injury, thus lodging the perception  that my case was dismissible on those grounds (disillusionment).

At this stage my case was then handled by Anna Kordas … On having a chat with one of the drivers Thabo confidently informed me that Anna Kordas is a “Big Gun” lawyer, once she has a case she fights to the bitter end – Ooh I had hope restored once again.

A lady named Ms Jadine Esterhuizen was ever so supportive in that, every time I asked for clarity on my case she took all the time to explain and clarify that I had a “winnable case” In fact she went for the jugular, in her words to be precise – “We are going to claim for loss of Income, please scan and send documents to us” – I was so excited every time I spoke to this lady, her patience reminded me of my own mother.

Upon receipt of a subpoena to appear in the High Court, Thabo the driver arrived so early at my address, I was very impressed with his service I bought him warm fat cakes (he deserved a decent breakfast) because he was so professional for a guy his age, more importantly he had driven all the way from Pretoria only to take me to Jo’burg Central, he deserved to be treated with kindness and respect.

Michael I’m really sorry for not recalling the lady’s name that assisted me on that fateful day in Court (No offense!) I tried to remember her name but in vain, maybe this is because of hitting my forehead so hard in the accident – She came straight to me at that coffee shop in Pritchard street, even though I had expected a telephone call … the lady spoke to me with respect and professionalism, she introduced me to Advocate Justin Erasmus – A very kind, towering man indeed, he offered me coffee and still paid for the one I had already ordered – I felt grateful and honoured.

Ooh lord when they both showed me the settlement, I swear I could have jumped on that seat, I felt sweat dripping on my bosom, all I could see in my head was the amount on that piece of paper – everything they explained sounded like Greek to me, I felt blocked, I couldn’t care what else was said, a sense of euphoria engulfed me..

I thank De Broglio from the bottom of my heart, I think they gave me a fair chance to have purpose in life.

On a Scale of 100 – I Rate De Broglio 100%.

Thank You kindly"


31 October 2017