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M.P. - "really showed me I am a valued client"

"Good day,

I would like to firstly THANK ALL of the staff at De Broglio for the exceptional service rendered.

The service I have received was simply amazing and each individual who has been assigned to my case really showed me I am a valued client.

Starting from your Driver’s (Albert, Vincent, Abbey, Clement, James, Naughtally, Solly) were more than just drivers, their character that was displayed were simply amazing. They became more of brothers to me and I cannot express how friendly, patient and caring they are.

Each one of them were always on time and showed the same blessed attitude every time we met. Well done to each of them, because they represent your Firm very well.

I would also like to express my gratitude and thanks to the following members:

-       Jadine Esterhuizen

-       Prishani Singh

-       Naseem Motala

The above three members have kept me informed from the starting of the claim process right up until the end.

They have showed professionalism, honesty, humbleness and was always willing to go the extra mile. For me this was really amazing and their contribution to this matter has really left a great impact in my life.

I am very grateful that I made a decision to let De Broglio lead me in my case, because I could not have done it on my own.

I also Thank God for everything he has shown me whilst dealing with your company, as it has been proven to me how blessed I was on my journey with these exceptional members.

I hope this email will be shared with Michael as well, in order to let him know that his members are really doing an exceptional job.

Thank you and Blessed regards,"


16 October 2018