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M.T. - "the best RAF claim attorneys"

"Good Morning 

In 2015 I was involved in an accident where I was a passenger in a taxi. It was a horrible experience that almost robbed me of my career. Had to drop out University after I was declared permanently disabled on my right arm. My first instinct after this terrible accident was to approach a company that I have a legal cover with. To my dismay, they told me that I didn't have a case against the RAF because I had medical aid and that I did not lose any salary for that period. I knew it couldn't be right and I searched for 'the best RAF claim attorneys' and your name popped up, and after a single call someone was sent to me to assist me with the forms. I apologize for not remembering his name, he was a great chap. 

De Broglio took my case in Oct 2015 and told me beforehand that I was looking at a minimum of 3 years before settlement. They kept me informed throughout and I also cooperated and never missed even a single medico-legal appointment that they had set for me. Exactly 3 years later (October 2018) my case was settled in court thanks to Patrick Sedutla and his team for the sterling job. I am very happy with De Broglio service and I haven't stopped talking about it, recently I have referred my church mate and her case has been taken by De Broglio (pending outstanding documents).

Thank you Michael and to the rest of the team.



26 November 2018