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N.M. - “When I had problems, they had solutions”

“Good morning 

I would like to offer my gratitude for the wonderful journey & memorable experience I had. After the traumatic accident I had & having lost so many lives including my fiancé, I never wanted more stress & I had a lot of attorneys promising this & that but all I ever wanted was a piece of mind. So I saw an advertisement on TV & decided to try my luck, I sent an email & I received a call from a polite lady speaking to me like she knew I needed comforting. Ever since I never had to worry about having a case or having to follow up as I received emails almost every week. When I had problems, they had solutions e.g. like when I needed transport it didn't even matter where I was, as long as I let them know about the issue then it'll be sorted. 

I made lots of friends, from drivers I'm gonna miss them ALL especially Albert & Solly but all of them were like my brothers to me & we got along very well. I furthermore appreciate Patrick Sedutla for his time, advices & checking up on me from time to time. Sometimes, I just needed to know that there's someone out there thinking about me & he was always there for me at the time of need & whenever I needed to talk. YOU'RE THE BEST! 

I used to think that other people were selling us dreams commenting by saying that "I was at peace knowing the my case was well taken care of" but with team Patrick Sedutla, advocate Martin & Zanell, my case ended with an ABSOLUTE DIVINE BANG & I was also taken good care of by the wonderful souls. 

I'm happy to say that I made the right choice & I'm happy with the outcome.  It didn't even cost me a single sweat, Just one email & my fear, worries & struggles of dealing with RAF were taken away from me.


Thank you once again"


21 March 2017