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N.M. - "out there fighting for me"

"Dear Michael and Team, 

In 2015 I was involved in a accident, nearly robbed of my career and many other pleasures in life. Thankfully I am fine today to continue my life and also go for my career goals and life aspirations. 

I would like to stretch my earnest appreciation to the de Broglio team. They took on my case and since then backed me as a client and human being. Yes we always get testimonials of cases settled for amounts that makes the client happy, but this testimonial letter is not about the "amounts" settled but rather the consistency in what they say and do and that to me speaks volumes. 

Thank you Michael and to the rest of the team for always updating me on all aspects and also keeping us assured that you have our best interest in mind. 

My case is still ongoing but I have the comfort of knowing that Michael and his team are out there fighting for me. 



6 December 2018