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N.M. - "will fight to get the best for your case"

"Dear Michael and Team,

I trust this email finds you well. 

I would like to take the time out to stretch my earnest appreciation to you and your incredible team. 

I would like to express the full journey, at first everyone is sceptical on how their case will be handled as you hear a lot about those bad lawyers. However, from the get go your staff have put me as a client at ease. Yes the process is long but the number 1 key success factor in your business is that you keep them informed at all times. Information is readily available from the drivers to the advocates and all in between.

Secondly, you take up most of the costs and risks and often this is not appreciated, so thank you for that because to get the best possible outcome for your client you have to pay specialists, book flights, drive them around and in addition hotel expenses. To me that is saying that we are in this together. 

Furthermore, you do not overcharge, how amazing is that for any client. You have a team of experts who will fight to get the best for your case and yet you do not overcharge. 

Thirdly, @Michael de Broglio - Nikita van der Linde / Nikita Nagel, what a fantastic hire and attorney, your recruitment team done well. She was amazing throughout the whole process. If I were in your shoes I would not hesitate to make her partner or director. You have an attorney that is honest and straight forward and that is priceless. So dear Michael you have a talented attorney and I hope you will be sending an increase her way and pave a way for her to make partner or director as I believe she will serve you well. 

Fourthly, you have given hope to me and all clients before to re-establish their lives, move forward and to go and fight for what they want. 

In conclusion de Broglio offers first and foremost Honesty, Customer Service where their main focus is the client, not many companies can say that, Experts at your disposal, and a journey where client and company are in it together and the client ends up winning the most. 

PS. I do have a face for de Broglio ads so if you need me to be on telly I am happy to do so. 

Thank you Michael, thank you team and thank you to all involved that have helped me. I wish your business goes from strength to strength. 



27 February 2020