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Testimonials > P.B. - "professional, helpful and insightful"

P.B. - "professional, helpful and insightful"

"Truly an exceptional team,

When my husband was in a car accident a few years ago our daughter referred us to de Broglio after she had seen a TV insert on them and their services. Their reputation and our initial first meeting with the team convinced us that this was the best route. Fast forward to now and having them represent us and take on our case we have an offer from RAF that was beyond our expectation. We just want to thank the whole team at de Broglio. All the staff there have been so professional, helpful and insightful. The service is impeccable, from arranging medical appointments with thebest doctors and specialists, to regular updates and constant feedback and open communication.

Special thanks to Patrick Sedutla, our lawyer, Nicolle Oosthuizen, Martin Hugo, our advocate, and the entire team for their professionalism and dedication to our case. Thank you to the drivers who were always on hand to take us to appointments, always on time and with a smile. Thank you to all the ladies working from the office, Michelle, Sandra and Melandre, to mention a few, always reminding us of appointments, following up with us and keeping us informed throughout the whole journey. You lightened a stressful situation and we always knew we were in good hands.

de Broglio has dealt with everything with compassion and professionalism. They are a truly exceptional team and we highly recommend them if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you need their services. "


29 October 2020