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Testimonials > P.M. - "de Broglio was like family"

P.M. - "de Broglio was like family"

"The battle started in 2016 and lasted until 2019. It started like this: I called and emailed several lawyers dealing with road accident fund claims. Some didn't answer. Then I Googled de Broglio Attorneys and as I started sending a message to them, they responded! I was shocked to receive a speedy response.

Everything was explained to me and even the owner’s biography details were there: all the photos and some of the people who were helped by them. 

Now and then I was informed of the progress of my case. I was booked to see different doctors and psychologists. I love the way they have assessed me. Dr Read was the best doctor, the advice he gave me made me not lose hope. 

Sometimes when called to attend doctors at short notice I was becoming very, very angry but ended up going there because I needed to. I remember one day being harsh and angry at Patrick Sedutla on the phone and he end up calling my husband to intervene. Then one day I went to the office to meet him I was shocked to see such a humble man, and I apologized for being mean towards him and he just laughed and understood. de Broglio was like family, they use different methods of reminding you to attend your appointments.

We ended up winning the case after such a long time. It was a long battle that was won thanks to the team. On the last day of the court date my car broke and I called de Broglio attorneys. They sent a driver to pick me up in the Free State, Welkom, they didn't complain about the distance and I arrived on time!  It was difficult and stressful going up and down, leaving my house and dogs alone for a few days unattended. The accommodation was good, I can't complain, it was very near my appointments. 

I appreciate all the effort and dedication of de Broglio Attorneys. I'm happy even though I know my life will never be the same, I have accepted myself with my fake legs and left foot and the limping. Life goes on THANK U. May God Bless you to help others who need you. "


25 November 2019