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P.S - "You are definitely on top of your game"

"Good day Michael

First I would really like to thank you for taking my case.

Thank you very much for the assistance and explaining the way forward , the attorneys and staff working for De Broglio attorneys  were the best I have ever had to work with.

Tamaryn  is a friendly lady and very competent in her job , the service , help and advice that I received from her. Puts her on top with the best.

My advocate Mr Serfontein was excellent , and did not beat around the bush. He is very sure of himself and knows exactly wat was to be done,

And how it should be done.

The outcome of my case was to me even better than I could have ever imagined ,and I would never have thought that I would get so much from the road accident fund.

I am pleased with the results and would refer any one I know to your company .

And last but not least I want to thank you Michael and your team for helping , assisting and guiding people like me with Road accident claims .Who did not know better and were absolutely clueless regarding such issues.

You are definitely on top of your game

Thank you very , very much .I believe the Lord will bless you , and pray that you will achieve even more because you care about the people that you deal with so much."


17 August 2017