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R.B. - "such strength and charisma"

“Hi Michael,

…My accident was in 2009 so I have been going through this process for a very long time. Darren Bobroff was my mom's client so originally we decided to go there. I have seen countless doctors and I am so happy to be closing this chapter now! 

Such good attorneys who represented me with such strength and charisma. If we had only known how good De Broglio service was I would have never wasted so much time in hindsight.

I am interested to see all the fees from Doctors etc. as I believe everything after handing over from Bobroff went like clockwork. I am so happy with the end result and cannot thank Anna Kordas, Ian Zidal and team enough. The confidence and professionalism showed in my case were completely admirable. 

Many thanks!"


3 April 2018