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Testimonials > S.C. - "I pinch myself everyday now to feel if it is really me who has this big blessing"

S.C. - "I pinch myself everyday now to feel if it is really me who has this big blessing"

"Dear Michael

I write this email to register my total satisfaction, and appreciation, with the interim settlement for my future loss of income.

Yesterday I was at De Broglio Attorneys offices with Tamaryn whereat she explained to me the whole situation. I agreed to accept the settlement.

… While acting in good faith, this is more than what I was anticipating from the case. In fact, I pinch myself everyday now to feel if it is really me who has this big blessing.

Let me congratulate you for working only with the best specialists in town. Tamaryn explained to me that it is very rare for The RAF to accept to pay the highest amount of money put forward by Plaintiff's actuarial expert and normally they oppose such in court for a lesser amount. To me, the fact that The RAF accepted to pay me the highest amount, outside the durawalls of the high court battlefield, put forward by my actuarial expert shows that The RAF was put in a corner by genuine experts with no crack/crevice to escape. I also wish to thank specifically Mrs Louise Schubert for her detailed report. In fact, all the Plaintiff specialist doctors you sent me to, I am satisfied with them.

I also appreciate you for your transparency. Such timeous, easy access to all the information pertaining to a case via secured Clientzone is very rare in other firms. Within this ambit are the staff manning my case who were quick to attend to my requests ,in most cases  responding to my emails within five minutes. Such performance is a pointer to a workforce who is full of life.

It was my wish, all along, to become a fulltime student in my postgraduate studies. Thank you De Broglio, you made my dream come true. You have put me in a big dish of prosperity. I wish to invest most of the money to my education.

Above all, I specifically want to thank my dangerous team, namely Advocate Serfontein, Tamaryn, Cornelie, Liz, the young lady who  take notes during my meetings with Tamaryn at De Broglio offices, and the drivers who picked me up in time for appointments and returned me to wherever they picked me up from.

To me, the word "Thank You" is not enough. I wish to slaughter a fattened bull for my dangerous team. While others walk for the cause of cancer, or to save the rhino-a wild animal, or to walk against crime, I would like to walk for De Broglio Attorneys.

Yours faithfully"


24 October 2017