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Testimonials > S.C. - "this team truly never gave up no matter what"

S.C. - "this team truly never gave up no matter what"

"Good Evening Michael,

Thank you very much for affording me this opportunity to thank you and your amazing team.

I will never forget the first day of our journey together when David came to evaluate my personal injury case at my residence. When David departed, I already knew, I’m in good hands, this is the right choice and it felt as if a burden had been lifted and I can now focus on my recovery ahead.

Firstly, I am so proud of my appointed team members and so grateful for them to have had the opportunity to handle my case. Even with limited time together over a number of years, this was and still feels like a family.

What stood out was the compassion that all the selected team professionals presented to me as a client. I cherished every meeting held between us and learned more each time. Just as we, the patients, laying in the hospital bed fighting to overcome / adjust and just recover from this unfortunate hand we have been dealt, this team truly never gave up no matter what delays or obstacles our opponents presented.  

Excellent preparation and communication has been extremely valuable in guiding me on when and where to be for the medical expert appointments, consistent feedback regarding case status and what to expect at court. Such as a very hard benchmark to beat.

There are so many different fields you discover: medical field and others while going through something so negative like this and are so grateful for to have had the opportunity to meet with so many different experts in consultation. 

The experience acquired during this journey has been incredible, I would recommend the following to anyone claiming from the RAF: read each and every line of your medical expert reports, these are utmost valuable going forward with improvements to your health care. Be humble, these are professionals. Be patient, this is the same as a long recovery process understand this. Be respectful and accommodating to all. Prepare a file, index it and keep it up-dated with all records, respond quickly and accordingly to any documentation requests to name a few.

I can’t thank you and your team enough for all the support and heart given into this battle and never giving up.

Thank you to Nikita. Zandelee, Tersia, Michael,



A short positive story:

I had recommended your team to a friend of mine in Cape Town 2016, and not surprising your team appointed for him was successful in resolving his serious injury mater in 2019. I was very happy when he chose you after trying this alone. 

Again, thank you so much Michael for what you have accomplished."


19 November 2019