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S.K. - the best attorneys

"Dear Michael, 

My apologies for my tardiness in sending this email. The reality of it all is yet to sink in.

The day I signed up with de Broglio I immediately knew that my case was with the best attorneys and would be handled professionally. Not once did I get frustrated with all the medical appointments I had to attend as Sarah was always kind enough to remind me that attending these medicals was to my benefit....and every medical, Sarah called me to confirm I would go, and each report that came out Sarah took the time out to send them to me. Thank you Sarah.

Dune has been with me through the entire process. It's been close to 4 years since my accident and between Dune and Kathryn I was completely assured that my court case would be successful. Dune has always been there to answer every query and to set my mind at ease.  Lastly, Adv Gerrit Strydom; a man true to his word. 

I am at a loss of words and unable to express my true gratitude to those I named above and the entire de Broglio team as without every single individual my case would not have made it to court complete.

The sad part is my relationship with de Broglio has come to an end, but I would highly recommend anyone to call on you for assistance with a claim. From when I signed my case over to de Broglio and then finalizing it in court...time flew so fast. It's definitely worth the wait.

Thank you Michael.



9 September 2019