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S.M. - “I always felt comfortable”

“Good day Michael,

I really would like to thank you and your staff for the great service you provided me throughout my prolonged wrestle with RAF. I appreciate your patience in every way you have dealt me. When you request documents from me at most I submitted them way after the deadline and mostly after you have made a persistent reminders that it in my interest to assist my case by complying on any request you made to me. I always felt comfortable when I was called to any session either with the attorneys or medical specialist.

It has been a long process, but because of the professionalism which existed between myself and all the members of your staff who were involve in my case, all the delay always gave me the urge to want to continue. As for Jessica, she is a star. I extremely enjoyed working with her. I appreciate the fact that she will always ask me if I’m happy with whatever discussing with her or even with our Council George. She at all times check with me if I need her assistance, be with transport to attend the case preparation or to go to court. After we have DEALT with RAF, she took time to explain to me the whole procedure and processes  as to what will follow and the duration in which it might take for RAF to settle what the own us. She never created any false expectations or quick settlement on the side of RAF, she made me understand that it might take ages before we see real money in our accounts. She also explain to me all expenditure incurred and how it is going to be settled. I would like to wish Jessica all the best in all her future endeavors.

Keep up the good work also for your current and future client.

Kindest Regards"


7 June 2017