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S.M. - "kept me up-to-date and well informed"

"Dear De Broglio Attorneys,

I hope that this e-mail finds you well.

I am writing to express my gratitude for the work that De Broglio Attorneys, and in particular, Prishani Singh, has done on my case.

I appreciate the patience and hard work that has gone into my matter, and realize that dealing with an institution such as the RAF is very frustrating and challenging. 

De Broglio Attorneys have kept me up-to-date and well informed, and Prishani Singh has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. Her open and friendly manner is refreshing, we could do with more individuals like her in this world!

I would recommend your services to anyone who wishes to tackle the hard fight against the RAF. De Broglio Attorneys get results!

Once again, thank you!

Kind Regards,"


25 October 2018