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Testimonials > T.B. - "guidance provided by De Broglio was clear and sensible"

T.B. - "guidance provided by De Broglio was clear and sensible"

"Dear Michael,

When I had my road accident back in 2016, I was uninsured at the time, so aside from the physical injuries I sustained, and the interruption it caused in my life and work, I did lose quite a bit financially too. This was partly what prompted me to contact De Broglio in the first place.

I must admit that it was quite a lengthy and unexpectedly tiresome journey, except that I had support and guidance being offered by De Broglio on a regular basis, the gist of which was to constantly remind me that this is a long journey, and although the Road Accident Fund does their level/incompetent best to make it as hard as possible, the method employed by De Broglio does eventually work.

When we did finally reach the trial date, it was a singular experience for me personally, not having had any prior court experience, but once again the guidance provided by De Broglio was clear and sensible, and significantly reduced my stress.

I would like to personally extend my thanks and gratitude to Prishani Singh for the thoroughly  professional manner in which she conducted herself, and more importantly from my personal point of view, her friendly, patient, approachable and “happy to answer dumb questions” attitude!

So it is with my thanks and appreciation that I send this email, even though I do admit there were times where I did doubt if it was worth it!

With kind regards"


2 September 2019