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Testimonials > T.M. - "in absolute amazement at the settlement amount"

T.M. - "in absolute amazement at the settlement amount"

"Dear Dune, Kathryn, Gerhard and the De Broglio Team,

Words cannot begin to express our absolute gratitude for what you and your team have done for our whole family.  We have prayed about this day for so long and we are in absolute amazement at the settlement amount.  We never, ever expected anything like this…..we have often said things like this don’t happen to us.  I just want to say thank you for sticking it out with us and for the journey we have experienced with you.  We have been through absolute hell over the last 5 years but through the grace of God and through tears of belief and never giving up our faith we have and will continue to pull through.

I am in awe of your abilities and am so glad we went with your company and didn’t settle for anyone else.

My heart is filled with amazing joy and calmness and a thank you just doesn’t seem enough.  Please just know from the bottom of all our hearts how eternally thankful we are.

Kind regards"


4 November 2020