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T.R. - "the service I received is out of this world"

"Good day, 

Hope my mail finds you well.

When I initially started with my process I was with an attorney company which I was referred to by a friend, rather not mention who they are.

Anyway, I wasn't happy with the kind of service I was getting from them as they were very quiet after I shifted the required documents to them, no feedback nor any kind of communication.

I had to call them and also visit their premises so many times and even laid numerous complaints about the service and all I did was in vain because the rubbish service still continued.

I then saw a De Broglio advert and it caught my attention as I could see the professionalism in it and decided to give them a try.

I have worked in many industries, especially those whereby one has to deal with clients so I know the importance of a customer.

After I moved my case to De Broglio I was getting feedback from them all the time through email, text messages as well as phone calls, that is how professional they are. They never wasted time in wrapping my case and I must say the service I received is out of this world. They keep their promises, very friendly and professional and also they educated me about everything I need to know.

I made it a point that I didn't miss appointments because I could see the effort they were putting it was tremendous.

Today I am a happy customer and at any time I can refer anyone to them for assistance.

Thank you De Broglio you have been awesome throughout the process and are the best in your field, that I can attest to.

Kind regards"


22 October 2020