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V.N - "Thank you for keeping us strong"

"Dear Mr Michael de Broglio,

Finally, I am writing this email as husband of [...] as she's married to [...].

I would firstly like to thank the Almighty God for the gift of life he gave to us all and wisdom gain by his grace.

Michael and the whole staff team, I wish to thank you so much on behalf of my wife sake and my little family God bless you.

Thank you for keeping us strong by writing each of your emails to us and the bold legal team and service is beyond utterly words has been made worth to wait upon this success and finally good news to share and smiles on our hearts.

It is my pleasure again to be part of the winning team and winners ,I thank you Lord much more to keep us alive together with these precious people through all hardships and struggles and so much more but today I am glad to be part of your vision.

Thank you sincerely"


1 December 2021