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Testimonials > V.R. - “…the service I received made me feel like being part of the De Broglio Attorney's family!!”

V.R. - “…the service I received made me feel like being part of the De Broglio Attorney's family!!”

“Dear Michael!

I know I have no right to call you by your name, but the service I received made me feel like being part of the De Broglio Attorney's family!!

I had my own insecurities about law and claims and all that. As I pursue the case, these all waned off.

Thanks so much, I even do not know where to start. Your friendly administration staff who always listen and respond promptly, your drivers who are always warm, friendly and patient.  Thanks for that!

When it comes to the professionals, the specialists, they were so accommodative and warm. One or two specialists buy for us and my husband breakfast when we arrived early in the morning from the airport! Your letters that explains the expectations on consultation with the specialist was excellent, keep it up. I would not have known what to do or say to the specialist, as I thought they would be asking my health at that moment, not the impact of the accident.

The lawyers you hired they are the best! Kaylee (calling her affectionately!), she has a certain skill, in her cool manner, she can reassure one and literally be there all the way, with the other younger assistants who were with her in court on those dates (12th and 13th Aug). Kaylee always kept us updated with my husband in a well respectful manner.

Coming to Advocate Zidel, I have never met a person of such high calibre and made one feel important! Nowadays people are 'made' of status. With him, my husband and myself we felt welcomed. I remember being asked by one of the junior lawyers, where did I get that 'advocate'. This other lawyer explained to us that it’s highly prestigious to have such a lawyer, and said 'get inside the courtroom, you will see the respect he got', and I saw it!

In court, on presentation my CV, I have never heard someone reading my CV like I was the most important person in the world! Such respect! On a short break, the opposition lawyer, came to me and shook my hand and said 'I'm proud of you, you are so educated, but I am only doing my job!'

On hearing that I might testify in court, I was so scared and Advocate Zidel, apparently trying to allay my anxieties when I said 'Im scared of the court', his response was, 'I am also scared of hospital' (knowing that I am a nurse). We all laughed, such humor! This really also made me understand the relationship of similar strange environment.

Finally, on the settlement, it is great, although my expectations exceeded that (as my academic career is messed up). The case was not an easy one, in other firms I would have lost it.

Thanks so much Michael and keep up the good work for the poor of the poorest!”


8 September 2015