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Testimonials > Y.R. - "Congrats on the win, on my case, to you and your company"

Y.R. - "Congrats on the win, on my case, to you and your company"

"Good morning

Congrats on the win, on my case, to you and your company, and employees involved.

We walked a long road, up and down hill.

7 years i was a part of you client family.

I'm still in shock that it over. Each day since the 21 January 2022, it is still unreal.

I saw my file, and the hours  and days and years of work that your company did, is unreal. I learned things for my file that I would never been able to find out on my own. 

The medical team where amazing.  Ingrid Jonker, when i did and could not go on, she and her colleagues were there.

Michael i never understood how you company work. I  can't even explain what i was thinking. It is not an excuse because of my injuries, but i was so fragile after the accident, i still am, but that is something i won't wish on anyone. 

I just wish everyone that come to you, will watch you new YouTube video series and read all the emails. Read it again and ask for help in explaining  it. You put so much into that, and it make so much sense now. 

Thank you is so small word to you and to David, adv I. Zidel and Dune Delport. 

Please then Solly my driver., i know he retired, but what a gentleman, he calm me down, we laughed so much, never was he to busy, he would go into the doctor room and the secretary would light up, make us comfortable and things would run smoothly and quickly. He had wisdom and i way to work with clients and the public. 

Michael, thank you for  this 7 years that  De Broglio invested in me. Standing alongside me, like i said it was not only a won for my but for all of you. 

David, for your kind and understanding words since 2015. That means so much, even your cell phone number for when i did not understand in that first few months. 

May De Broglio go forward and bring hope to many more clients. May your company grow and that clients can experience what you do for them. 

I will sent  thank you letters to  all the other people involved in may case, im still crying and laughing as i type. 

Please be careful and safe, and i will and always had, been telling people about your company and what you did for me, even in the beginning years. 

My you all be blessed with all that you need and more. 

Kind regards"


27 January 2022