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"great professionalism and respect"

"I would really like to thank De Broglio Attorneys for the great work and dedication that they have assigned to my RAF case.

The team handled my case with great professionalism and respect. My case had been with a different law firm for many years with no progress  or communication regarding  this. Much to my frustration, I was repeatedly sent from one specialist to another throughout the  years as the case had been old and required  updated information. Once De Broglio Attorneys  took over my case from the previous firm, all of this changed. 

De Broglio Attorneys provided a professional  service where any change in the status of my case was communicated with me. I  received regular emails informing me of the progress of my case, I  received calls regularly to communicate any important information, they constantly ensured that I  was available for specialist appointments by communicating them well in advance and ensuring that I had transport available to attend medico-legal appointments and that I  arrived on time for these appointments when I  didn't have transport of my own.  

De Broglio Attorneys provided an online web portal where I could obtain relevant information regarding my case, this mitigated the  frustration of not knowing what was happening with my case. The staff members are friendly and truly professional.  I felt that they provided me with the empathy required for the nature of my case.

In the time that my case was with De Broglio Attorneys my case made great progress and I received an outstanding experience which I  didn't receive from the previous law firm. The team made realistic commitments and  honoured them accordingly.

I am truly grateful for the hard work and dedication that you have put into my case. I would definitely  recommend De Broglio Attorneys to anyone that may need them, without a doubt.

Kind Regards"

Juliet Walsh 6 Apr 2020, 13:15 (1 day ago) to Bizwebs I.P.

6 April 2020